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Post installation maintenance advice (O & M Manual) & care of finishes Provides full details on the correct way to maintain your products to ensure they continue to work correctly throughout their lifetime.
Ironmongery Requirements of a Typical Fire Resisting Door This guide illustrates what products should be used together with the various BS EN and C E standards. Following a recent fire door inspection, alarmingly we identified that over 70% of the fire doors had been fitted with non-compliant ironmongery.
Product certification and what our symbols mean It is important to ensure that all ironmongery being installed has the correct certification and has been tested to the relevant standards. This will help prevent product product failure and unnecessary emergency callout charges.
Products manfactured from stainless steel Find out why there is a price difference between two identically looking handles and what the different grades of stainless steel are used for.
Mobile On-site Spraying Services We are able to prepare and paint most external and internal services, including doors, hand railings, skirtings etc using the latest HVLP spray equipment and low VOC paints.
How does our antimicrobial coating work An explanation of microbes, how our anti microbial protective coating works and its efficacy.
List of harmful organism eliminated by our protective antimicrobial coating A detailed list showing some of the microorganisms affected and eliminated by the SteriTouch ® antimicrobial technology which we use in our self-sanitising ironmongery range.
List of questions and answers relating to the antimicrobial coating A list of the most common questions asked in respect of the antimicrobial technology incorporated within our self-sanitising ironmongery range.
SteriTouch ® antimicrobial technical data sheet Detailed information regarding the efficacy and testing undertaken on materials containing the SteriTouch ® antimicrobial additives
Door Closers, Floor Springs & Fire Door Hold Open Devices Choosing the correct door closing device on both fire rated and non-fire rating doors can be daunting and costly if an incorrect closer is installed.
The CE and EN1154 classification guide provides clear and concise guidance on how to ascertain which closing device is most suited to your requirements.
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