Key to Product Finishes

(These images are for guidance only)

When products are supplied with an Antimicrobial finish a prefix of “AM” is added to the finish code. (Excluding Bobrick items, finger guards, threshold and draft seals) The final look of the product finish remains the same.

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Satin Stainless Steel


Polished Stainless Steel


Satin Nickel Plate


Bright Nickel Plate


Satin Chrome Plate


Polished Chrome Plate


Satin Anodised Aluminium


Polished Anodised Aluminium


Satin Brass


Polished Brass


Anti-tarnish Brass


Electro Brass


Anti-tarnish Bronze


Matt Black. RAL 9005
30% GLOSS (approximately)


Matt White. RAL 9010
30% GLOSS (approximately)


Adonic Matt Bronze


Finish Code Finish
AB Antique Black
ABB Antique Burnished Brass
ANT Anthracite
ATS Antique Steel
BLK Black
BN Black Nickel
BNP Bright Nickel Plate
BRZ Adonic Matt Bronze
BZ Bronze
COP Copper
EB Electro Brass
FB Florentine Bronze
GAA Gold Anodised Aluminium
GAL Galvanised Steel
GLD Gold
GM Gun Metal
NP Nickel Plate
PAA Polished Anodised Aluminium
PB Polished Brass
PCB Matt Black. RAL 9005
30% GLOSS (approximately)
PCE Chrome Effect
PCP Polished Chrome Plate
PCW Matt White. RAL 9010
30% GLOSS (approximately)
PSS Polished Stainless Steel
PVD Anti-tarnish Brass
PVDBZ Anti-tarnish Bronze
PWE Pewter Effect
PWT Pewter
SAA Satin Anodised Aluminium
SB Satin Brass
SBPVD Satin Brass PVD
SC Satin Chrome Plate
SE Silver
SNP Satin Nickel Plate
SSE Stainless Steel Effect
SSS Satin Stainless Steel
Additional finishes for
and products:
ABZ Antique Bronze
AGP Aged Pewter
AI Antique Iron
AN Antique Nickel
AP Apollo (Polished Chrome Plate/Satin Chrome Plate)
ASH Stained Black Ash
AT Antique Brass
ATC Antique Copper
ATP Antique Pewter
BSB Matt Bronze/Satin Brass
BSN Matt Bronze/Satin Nickel Plate
CB Polished Chrome Plate/Polished Brass
DB Distressed Brass
DBZPVD Dark Bronze PVD
An invisible, thin PVD coating is applied to the solid brass base to create a hardwearing finish.
GW Gloss White
IB Italian Brass
IRN Tudor Rustic Black
JP Jupiter (Gold Plate/Satin Nickel Plate)
MB Matt Bronze
MC Mercury (Bright Nickel Plate/Satin Nickel Plate)
MF Mayfair (Polished Brass/Satin Brass)
NB Natural Brass
OAK Lacquered Oak
PBZ Polished Bronze
PR Porcelain
PT Patina (Satin Brass with Bronze edge)
RB Rustic Brass
RC Rustic Copper
RN Rustic Nickel
SAC Satin Copper
SBN Satin Black Nickel
SRG Satin Rose Gold
ULB Unlacquered Brass
WAL Lacquered Walnut
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