Network Brush Seal Kit - Profile Length - 450mm

Designed to seal the central cable upstand opening of 75mm x 451mm in a 2 post Network rack. The kit comprises of 2 no. 451mm long F shaped aluminium profiles fitted with 2 number 35mm long brush strips. Peel and stick Velcro adhesive tape allows for the quick installation of the F profile along both sides of the cable opening in the comms rack. (Profile and brush strip can be cut to fit smaller slot openings). In a 75mm wide upstand the bristle would overlap and form an effective air seal around the cables. The kit is typically installed after the rack is cabled. The Velcro tape allows for the easy removal of the brush strip to facilitate future cabling. If required the profile can also be screw fitted to the racks upstand.


  • Size – 2no. profiles 450mm
  • Weight – 1kg


  • SAA

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