Recessed installation in side wall of single compartment. Unit mounts on left side of toilet (when seated) with tissue dispenser on right side. Door unlocks with key provided and swings open for filling.


  • Type-3/4 Satin Stainless Steel with all welded construction
  • Capacity 3.0L
  • Holds 250 toilet seat covers and two standard core tissue rolls for each compartment.
  • Theft resistant spindles.
  • Approximate Partition Opening 405mm x 745mm x 100mm


  • SSS

Bobrick B-3574 ClassicSeries® Recessed Seat-Cover Dispenser, Sanitary Napkin Disposal and Toilet Tissue Dispenser
Satin Stainless Steel
Product code: B-3574
£379.60 Ex VAT
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