Air-Block® 2 Part Circular Floor Access Cable Grommet, With Seal – 90mm Ø cut out

Two part ultra-strong, air tight cable grommet sealing cables up to 30mm. The 2 part Air-Block® “snaps” around cables up to 30mm diameter, forming an air-tight cable sealing grommet. With no outer housing once the grommet is “opened” cables are freed from the unit. This unit can be positioned almost anywhere within the floor panel including at the panel edge using a “key hole” cut out.


  • Overall diameter – 112mm
  • 90mm Ø cut out
  • Cable area diameter – 30mm
  • Depth – 38mm
  • Made from flame retardant materials
  • Unit independently load tested up to 450kg on 25mm x 25mm point load without failure
  • Generous flange hides cut floor surface and carpet edges


  • BLK

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