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Electro-Magnetic Lock Guide

The electro-magnetic lock is an efficient, low-power lock, which has a range of accessories to suit most applications. It has no moving parts, making it very reliable and requiring low maintenance.

The armature and electro-magnet, when energised, holds a door securely fastened. This is achieved by creating a powerful magnetic field. When the power is cut, the armature is released, thus giving access or exit through the doorway. The magnet construction and armature material virtually eliminate residual magnetism, so giving fail unlocked release, and making it ideal for emergency escape applications.

Monitoring is a system which checks to see if the armature plate has properly engaged with the magnet body. Output is via a single pole change-over relay, rated at 24V DC 1A.

The electro-magnetic lock can be specified to work in conjunction with any access or suitable exit control. Only a small selection of the many installation brackets available are shown here. Glass door brackets are also available, please contact our sales team for further information.

Electro-magnetic Locks (large image)