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Electronic Access Control Guide

Electronic access control is used to regulate traffic through doors. A typical system includes:

  • Power Supply
  • Decision Making Electronics
  • Door Locking & Release Hardware

The power supply provides transformed mains power to the decision making electronics and door hardware. The brain of the system is the decision making electronics. These consist of an input module through which to request entry such as a keypad, touchlock, or a reader that is swipe card, proximity card or even fingerprint activated along with the processing electronics which decides whether to grant or deny access.

In audio/visual entry systems the decision making electronics are replaced by a person answering a telephone and/or viewing a monitor to assess whether or not to grant entry.

The door locking and release hardware are the components which maintain security until instructed by the decision making electronics that a user is authorised to pass. It may take the form of an electric release and latch bolt combination or an electrically powered device such as an electro-magnet, solenoid bolt, shear lock or motorised lock.

Electronic Access Control Guide (large image)