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Master Keying & Pass Suite Guide

These diagrams give a guide to the many keying arrangements possible with Poole Waite OPTIMUS cylinders. There is often confusion between keyed alike locks & a straight master keyed system. In a keyed alike arrangement all the locks operate using the same key. However, in a straight master keyed suite, all the locks can operate on different keys, but a separate key (called the master key) will open them all.

Master keyed suites may have Sub Suites. Examples of this could be seen in a small hotel where the hotel manager has a master key to open all doors. A chambermaid could have a sub-master to open all the bedrooms on a particular floor. This sub-master would not open bedrooms on any other floor. An individual room key in this arrangement is known as a servant key. On large systems covering one or more buildings, the same principle can be applied to create Grand (or Great Grand) Master Suites.

In any master keyed suite, regardless of size we suggest that future growth should be considered. Provision can be made in the suite for extensions at a later date and this is easier to do at the time the suite is planned.
Varying degrees of complexity can be achieved to suit a variety of needs, examples can be found below.

Please specify keying arrangements when ordering cylinders.

Master Keying & Pass Suite Guide (large image)