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Handrailing & Balustrading Guide

Handrailing and balustrading systems are regularly used in both new build and refurbishment projects. They are generally put in place to control and direct the movement of people and goods around a variety of potentially dangerous obstacles. There are two main methods of construction:

Modular systems, which can be ordered via this website, are supplied in kit form, and are assembled on site. The wide range of components available make this approach very flexible and therefore suitable for a broad range of applications. Modular components are available in a selection of tube diameters, and may be supplied in brass, chrome, and stainless steel finishes. They offer a cost-effective, quick and easy solution to low risk applications where safety considerations indicate that a fabricated system is not required.

Fabricated systems, as indicated above, offer a stronger, more rigid barrier. With this type of system, the components are purpose built and welded together, and are therefore suitable for applications in which safety is the main objective. We are able to quote for the supply of these systems in stainless steel, brass, and colour-coated finishes. Please contact our sales team for assistance.

Handrailing (large image)